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no, its bad for you and it can be addictive.

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Q: Should I try weed with your friends?
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What should you do if your boyfriend of almost 3 years is not being honest and lying to you about smoking weed with his friends when you've told him to stop since you are worried and love him so much?

Smoking weed is an addiction, you should try telling an adult. That is the only possible way to get him to stop if he hasn't listened to you. Smoking weed for a long time can be fatal.

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Can you smoke weed after broken jaw surgery?

Can you? Depends on the injury (you can certainly try). Should you? Probably not.

Should you try weed?

No. In most countries, weed, or marajuana, is illegal, and is considered a drug. it is damaging you your lungs, and can have serious effects on your brain and heart in large doses.

Should I try Marijuana once with your friends?


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Try Weed-B-Gone.

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You should try to be friends with him/her. And treat him/her with respect.

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