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no, generally you could. but there would be no point. its kinda stupid.

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Q: Should I get my balls chopped off?
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Only if they are gay because we have to slowly kill all the gay creatures in the world!

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The men faced getting the balls chopped off and fed to there children.

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If testicles do not work properly, it may affect sperm production and hormone levels, leading to infertility and hormonal imbalances. It can also impact sexual function and overall reproductive health. Consulting a healthcare professional is important to diagnose and address any issues with the testicles.

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its to show that he is the boss. you should Tell him off when he does it but if that doesnt work get his balls cut off that will stop him.

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If you have nipple cancer would it have to be chopped off?


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chop them off else they will be come highly dangerous to your self and others.

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The disciple whose ear was chopped off was Malchus, and it was Peter who wielded the sword and cut off his ear. Jesus then miraculously healed Malchus' ear.

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