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In that sentence, the word "well" is the adjective because it describes "she" which is a noun because "she" refers to a person.

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Q: She feels well today is an adjective?
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What part of speech is well not the well when you put coins in?

The "well" that you put coins in is a noun. Otherwise, "well" can be used as an adjective and an adverb. Adjective: I'm not feeling well. Adverb: The basketball team played well today.

Is well an adjective or an adverb?

It can be either, depending on whether it refers to something done well (an adverb) or someone who feels well, or healthy (an adjective). Well can be an adjective, adverb, noun, verb, or interjection. Well is an adjective in this sentence: All's well that ends well. Well is an adverb in this sentence: I don't feel well. Well is a noun in this sentence: My dog fell in the well. Well is a verb in this sentence: Tears well up every time she sees that movie. Well is an interjection in this sentence: Well! I won't take that!

Does This blanket feels scratchy have a predicate adjective or a linking verb?

The verb 'feels' is a linking verb (blanket = scratchy); and the word scratchy is a predicate adjective.

Is good an adjective and well is usually an adverb?

That is right. 'It was a good match, they all played well'. In that sentence 'good' qualifies the noun 'match' and is an adjective, while 'well' qualifies the verb 'played' and is an adverb. 'Well' can also be used as an adjective when you say: 'Mr Smith is unwell today'.

What is an adjective for someone feels they did something wrong?


When was Feels Like Today created?

Feels Like Today was created on 2004-09-28.

What is unsure a verb noun or adjective?

Unsure is an adjective. It describes how one feels. Descriptive words are adjectives.

When was Feels Like Today - song - created?

Feels Like Today - song - was created on 2004-06-21.

What is the adjective for well?

The word well is an adjective, for example well water or well wisher.

What part of speech is hay in Velvet feels like hay?

Since hay is describing the way velvet feels and velvet is a noun, it must be an adjective since it is describing a noun.

Is 'today' an adjective adverb or verb?

It depends on how you are using the word. It is a noun, adverb, or adjective, never a verb.-- Today as a noun:Today will be a busy day.-- Today is an adverb:He is going to the park today. (modifes verb going)I will be busy today. (modifies adjective busy)-- Today as an adjective:He was a part of the today generation.** The use here is very close to the existing possessive noun today's which would fill the same role. It seems a colloquial form of the true adjective "modern."

Is today an adjective?

Today is either an adverb or a noun, but not an adjective. Examples:I'll finish the job today. (Adverb)We spoke to them today. (Adverb)Today is a fine day. (Noun)The prices of today are reasonable. (Noun)