Secretion of stomach

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Gastric Acid

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Q: Secretion of stomach
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Why stomach fullness?

gas secretion

What is the parasympathetic and Sympathetic effect on the stomach?

The parasympathetic is stimulatory to stomach , increase the gastric secretion and motility while the sympathetic is inhibitory , decrease the gastric secretion and motility

What is the name of one organ that produces a secretion?

The stomach.

A powerful stimulant of acid secretion in the stomach is?


What increases acid secretion in the stomach blocked by cimetidine?


What is gastrorrhexis?

excessive secretion of gastric juice or mucus in the stomach

What is the main stimulus for bile secretion from the gallbladder?

Fat in the stomach.

What hormone is secreted in response to thepresence of protein in the stomach?

Gastrin is produced in the stomach and starts secretion.

Select the correct statement about the regulation of gastric secretion?

ANSWER IS: Gastric secretion can be stimulated before food has entered the mouth.A.Gastric secretion can be stimulated before food has entered the mouth.B.Gastric secretion is enhanced by very low pH (below a pH of 2)C.The presence of food in the stomach prevents hormonal control of gastric secretion.D.Vagus stimulation of the stomach results in decreased secretion of gastric juice.

What stimulate gastric secretion?

Gastric acid secretion is regulated by hormones in the digestive system. This hormone, gastrin is secreted by the lining of the stomach.

Do fish have stomach acids?

Fish that have a stomach, generally secrete stomach acid (HCl). However, not all fish have a stomach. For example carp have no stomach and thus no stomach acid secretion.

What protective mechanism helps to prevent erosion on the stomach?

it is the mucus secretion