Scott's Easygreen spreader settings

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Conversion Chart for Scott's Easy Green Spreader.

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Q: Scott's Easygreen spreader settings
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What is the grub ex spreader setting with scotts drop spreader?

Spreader settings for Scotts manufactured spreaders are listed on the back of the bag.

What are the settings for EZ republic spreader for scotts southern lawn?

The spreader setting for Scotts Southern Turf Builder when using the EZ Broadcast spreader by Republic is 3.5. If you are using the EZ Drop Spreader by Republic the spreader setting is 6.5.

You have a Sears lawn spreader and Scotts fertilizer The directions on the Scotts products are for Scotts spreaders Does anyone know how the aperture settings compare?

The Scotts spreader has a dial on there they call a micrometer. The settings on the dial are tested specifically with their products and their spreader. I'm not sure how they compare as I've never seen the Sears spreader. The Scotts Company's consumer services division keeps a list of many spreader types and can often help with setting the spreader before applying their product. You may want to contact them. Look them up at

Is there a rate chart for Scotts PF Drop Spreader?

If you send an email to Scotts Consumer service they can actually send you the spreader settings you need. You can contact them through their website and they will email your spreader setting.

What setting for a scotts spreader for grass seed?

What is the Ortho Spreader 5000 for overseeding

What is the conversion from the K 1-2 setting on a Scotts commercial spreader to the Scotts residential spreader?

Unfortunately, there is no conversion. The spreaders are calibrated differently.

Can you correlate vigoro spreader with scotts spreader?

Yes one can use Vigoro spread with a Scotts spreader. The amount of Vigoro spread that needs to be used must be correlated in retrospect with the size of the area needing the spread.

Scotts Speedy Green 2000 spreader settings for 4lb per 1000 sq ft of Eagle 0.39 Granular Turf Fungicide?

setting @6

What is the scotts standard broadcast spreader setting for vigoro fertilizer?

If you are using the Vigoro Ultra Turf Lawn Fertilizer(29-0-4) with the Scotts Standard Broadcast Spreader then the setting would be 5.

How do you convert from a scotts spreader to a earthway spreader?

There is a conversion matrix on Earthway's site to get the conversion from a Scott's spreader to an Earthway spreader. It is easiest to add 10. For example, Scott's spreader set at 4 should be set at 14 for an Earthway spreader set.

What are the settings for a EZ broadcast spreader by republic?

The correct setting for an EZ broadcast spreader by republic is 3. Many persons have used this code and it has worked perfectly for them. Depending on what you are doing you can also use the number 4 setting.

Setting for scott's rotary spreader of 13-13-13 fertilizer?

Setting for scotts rotary spreader of 13-13-13 fertilizer?