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sample of use case diagram represent the business process of GeneralMotors

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Q: Sample of use case diagram represent the business process of GeneralMotors?
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What is processing diagram?

It is a diagram depicting a business process flow.

What is a Transaction processing diagram?

The Transaction Flow Diagram or TFD is the used of graphic elements to portray a specific business process. The elements used are lines or symbols.

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explain process, pcb and process state diagram.

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p&ids r docs used to desribe symbols,abbreivations prefixes and specialised equipments while pfds r sketches that use symbols to represent instruments/vessels used in process engrn and also shows the direction of flow.

Explain listing process with suitable example and Diagram?

1 Explain listing process with suitable example & Diagram

To show a continual process what kind of diagram is used?

cycle diagram

What tool best illustrates complex structure process?

a diagram

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In biology, a schematic diagram shows the process of translation. This process occurs when a cell converts DNA into mRNA and proteins.

What is a Process Flow Diagram?

A Process Flow Diagram (or System Flow Diagram) shows the relationships between the major components in the system. It also has basic information concerning the material balance for the process. See the related link.

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A diagram that shows how seafloor spreading works.

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no, because a diagram should be used to represent the processFlow chart to illustrate the events occurrung in an axon of a neuron with the arrival of a nerve impulse

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The purpose of process control block diagram is to make the process fast and accurate. It guides an engineer to achieve the target in time