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its just under 0.5 pounds.

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Q: Reid vapor pressure of jet A fuel?
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What is the fuel used in airplane?

Most commenly used as a fuel in air plane is AVIATION TURBINE FUEL (JET FUEL)

Why are jet engines suitable for aircraft but not for outer space?

Jet engines use the oxygen in the air to get the fuel to burn. In space there's no oxygen, so a jet engine would simply go out. Space rockets carry both their fuel and their oxygen, which allows them to work in the vacuum of space.

What is the smoke from jet plane?

They are called contrails. They are formed when hot exaust from the jet engines reacts to the much cooler upper atmospheric air and water vapor forms, usually freezing and making those long thin clouds that criss cross the sky.

How does a jet pump work in a water well?

There are two types of jet pumps. Deep well jet and shallow well jet. The deep well has it's jet (ejector) in the well. The jets come in two different configurations. Two pipe and single pipe. The two pipe uses two pipes lowered into the well to the existing water level with the jet on the end. The single pipe jet is hung in the well with only one pipe. The jet has two leathers to seal it to the casing making the casing the second pipe. The shallow well jet pump has it's jet on or in the pump. These pumps can only lift water 25 feet. Once primed, the jet pump will force water down the pressure pipe into the jet, where it will be sent through a nozzle (of differing sizes depending on pump and water level) and into a Venturi tube (also differing in sizes) which creates a vacuum that will send more water up to be captured in the storage tank.

What is the difference between a jet engine and a piston engine?

It's quite simple, really. A piston engine utilizes the linear motion of cylinders/pistons to combust the gasoline that drives the vehicle or appliance. A jet engine, however, uses a fluid (air) intake to assist in the compression of fuel. It comprises of many turbines and compression components that synchronize to force the expended fuel out the nozzle of the engine. This action creates direct thrust as opposed to the electrical energy produced in a piston engine.

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