Rear ended someone and they drove away?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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More than likely these people did not have insurance. You should report this accident to your insurance company anyway. Tell them exactly what happened and that they drove away. This will protect you from any hit and run charges that the people who left may file once time goes by.

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Q: Rear ended someone and they drove away?
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If you rear ended someone in a parking and they drove away but later approached you at a public event and said you hit them and they want you to pay for it do I have to pay for it since they fled?

If you are a good person you should. It's not fair to leave a person to deal with a problem that you caused them. Consider also, if the party that you hit drove away without reporting the damage to authorities, this essentially becomes a civil matter, specifically if the accident happened in a private parking area. In addition, how can the affected party prove that you actually caused the acident? Only through civil court.

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