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Newton's third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

An everyday example of that is when a ball hits the ground it bounces back.
An example of Newtons third law of motion is when you are swimming and you do a breaststroke you push water behind you, then the water behind you pushes you forward.

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Q: Real life examples of newton's third law of motion?
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Newtons second law of motion is a real law of motion explain?

Newtons's second law of motion is considered as a real law of motion because from this law of motion both first law of motion and third law of motion can be derived

What are some real life examples of newtons second law of motion?

Pushing someone on a swing or in a wagon.

Real life example of newtons second law of motion?

If you push something, it starts to move.

What Examples of technologies that operate law of motion?

There are several real-life examples that operate with Newton's law of motion. They include a roller coaster, a car crash, and a conveyor belt.

How do newtons three laws of motion apply to real world situations?

Newton's three laws of motion only apply to real world situations whenever something moves or doesn't move. Otherwise, they are nothing more than just a theory.

What are real life examples of vacuole?

Every thought you ever had, every motion you ever made.

What is real motion in astronomy?

real motion is when an object actually moves

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What is juice newtons real name?

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Examples of uniform and non uniform motion?

2 conditions for uniform motion: a) constant speed; b) constant direction (no turning). If either of these conditions isn't there, then the motion is "non-uniform" or "accelerated". Examples of uniform motion: a car in a drag race reaching and maintaining its maximum speed on a straight and flat race course; a space craft drifting between two galaxies; (very few real-life examples). Examples of non-uniform motion: a racing horse; merry-go-around; swing; automotive braking; throwing a softball; etc. ================================

Real life examples of Newton's second law of motion?

a fielder pull his hand gradually with the moving ball while holding a catch

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