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The listed perils (barring exclusions) in your home owners or renters policy.

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Q: Personal property is covered under what peril?
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If a covered peril triggers property coverage under the commerical property coverage is indirect physical damage also covered if results from an uncovered peril related to the covered peril?

An uncovered peril means it's not covered.

Dirt bike covered under home owners insurance?

Is a dirt bike covered under homeowner personal property?

Does home insurance cover tornado damage?

Yes. Your house is covered by anything unless it is specifically excluded in the policy. Your personal belongings are covered under the peril of water/water/hail damage.

Is your personal property covered under a homeowners policy while in a storage facility?

In my opinion yes. As long as your personal property is stored in a location that is not a residence or could be considered a residence.

Should homeowners insurance cover the loss of a 400000 Big screen TV that was dropped while moving in the house?

Thats quite a tv you've got! Your tv is personal property under your homeowners and is covered by the listed perils in the policy. Typically, 'droppage' is not a listed peril.

Can you claim carpet damage on your homeowners insurance?

Carpet DamageYes, if it was damaged due to a covered peril under your policy it will be covered.

Is swimming pools cover under unscheduled personal property?

No, a swimming pool would be covered under Coverage B or "Other Structures" of your policy.

Is the Replacement of heating and air units covered under homeowners policies?

It depends on whether or not they were damaged by a covered peril of the policy. For example if lightning is a peril covered on your policy, and that caused your heating and air units to stop working, then insurance would cover them.

How do you define exposure to loss?

An exposure to loss is the combination of the following: A person or property that has experienced an event that will result in a quantifiable monetary loss. In an insurance claim an exposure is a party that has monetary damages under a covered peril or occurrence under a policy.

Is a landlord's policy covering me for personal property loss or damage?

Normally under those circumstances you should be covered under the landlords insurance because you are renting from them and you and the house are there responsibility.

Is ripped sofa covered by accidental home insurance?

No, normal wear and tear of household furnishings and applicances is not a covered peril under a homeowners insurance policy.

Are personal injury and property covered under liability?

If the injury and property damage is to that of another for which you are at fault "Legally Liable" then yes. If the injury is to the insured(s) yourself or your own property then no. it is not possible to be liable to ones own self.