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cell walls

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Q: Peptidoglycan is a unique macromolecule found in bacterial?
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The macromolecule found in the cell walls of all bacteria is?


What cells have peptidoglycan?

Peptidoglycan is found inside of the cell wall of the bacterial cell.

What is the chemical found in tears and saliva that hydrolyzes the peptidoglycan in the certain bacterial cell walls?


The chemical found in tears and saliva that hydrolyzes the peptidoglycan in certain bacterial cell walls is what?


Do archaea have the typical peptidoglycan structure found in bacterial cell walls?

No. archae bacteria has no peptidoglycan cell wall

Does eukaryotic cells contain a peptidoglycan cell wall?

Peptidoglycan is composed of amino acids and sugars that form the cell wall of a bacteria. Some of the properties of the cell wall include proving shape to the bacteria, preventing osmotic lysis, offer rigidity to the organism

What is peptidoglycan where is it found?

Peptidoglycan is a chemical found in most cell walls of plant cells. Peptidoglycan is a polymer consisting of sugars and amino acids that forms the cell wall.

What macromolecule is found in strawberries?


How do lysozyme and penicillin differ in their effect on cell walls?

Penicillin blocks the final stages of peptidoglycan synthesis. If penicillin is present when bacterial cells are dividing, the cell cannot form complete wall and they die.The enzyme lysosome, found in human body secretions, digest peptidoglycan . This helps prevent bacteria from entering the body.

Which macromolecule is found in fruits and vegetables?

proteins and carbohydrates

Why is Lysozyme is not effective against viruses?

Lysozyme (or muramidase) acts against peptidoglycan, as that found in bacterial cell walls but not in viruses. It stresses and breaks the glycosidic bond between N-acetylmuramic acid and N-acetylglucosamine, two alternating monosaccharides of the sugar component of peptidoglycan.

What kind of macromolecule is found in corn syrup?