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Guido Fawkes-He was in charge of everything WRONG!

Robert Catesby-He was the leader

Thomas Percy-He was the plotter

Francis Trasham-He arrived in the group after it had all been plotter so he didn't really have a major part in the plot.

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There were 13 main plotters in the Gunpowder Plot:

  • Robert Catesby
  • Robert Keyes
  • Guy Fawkes
  • Ambrose Rookwood
  • Thomas Wintour
  • Sir Everard Digby
  • Thomas Percy
  • Francis Tresham
  • Thomas Bates
  • Christopher Wright
  • Robert Wintour
  • John Grant
  • John Wright

But also involved were

  • The Jesuits - Christians, Priests and the Clergy who were pronounced as outlaws and criminals in the reign of Elizabeth I. They claimed that ultimately they were behind the plot.
  • The Tainted - The members of the Gentry and Nobility who were tainted both justly and unjustly with the gunpowder treason.
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Q: People who were involved in the gunpowder plot?
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