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Opposition of the treaty Versailles

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opposition of the treaty of versailles

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Q: Opposition of the Treaty of Versailles?
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What groups opposed the treaty of Versailles.?

There was a good deal of opposition to the Treaty of Versailles on all sides. The British chastised the French for being too vindictive, while the French marshal felt it was too lenient. There was fierce opposition to the treaty in the United States, and it was not ratified. Germany, who had been ready to accept the lenient Fourteen Points were devastated by the Treaty of Versailles.

Who led the opposition to the Treaty of Versailles?

Everyone supported the treaty of Versailles except Germany because they were the ones paying the debts

Was the Treaty of Versailles responsible for moving the German people towards political extremism?

The German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles The German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles The German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles The German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles

What was Adolf Hitler's popularity aided by?

Hitler was popular in his opposition to what Germans saw as inequitable terms of the Versailles Treaty. He also appealed to German nationalism. He blamed many of Germany's problems on the "lesser races" such as the Jews.

What document ended world war 1 and severely punished Germany?

Treaty of Versailles

Why is the Treaty of Versailles called the Treaty of Versailles?

It was drawn up and signed in the Palace of Versailes, France.

Woodrow Wilson hardened senate opposition to the treaty of Versailles by his refusal to compromise on the issue of?

unconditional adherence of the us to the charter if the league of nations

When the treaty of Versailles?

I believe that the treaty of Versailles took place in 1919

How is the Holocuast related to the treaty of Versailles?

The Holocaust is not related to the Treaty of Versailles.

When was the Treaty of Versailles begin?

the treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, after the was ended in 1918.

What was the peace settlement of World War 1?

Treaty of Versailles

Where did the Treaty of Versailles take place?

The Treaty of Versailles is peace treaty that ended war between Germany and Allied powers and the treaty was signed on 28 June 1919,but it took six months of negotiations and at Paris Peace Conference the treaty was concluded and registered by the Secretariat of the League of Nations on 21 October 1919 and it signed in the palace of versailles.