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Q: One reason farmers often choose GM crops over non-GM crops because GM crops are?
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Why were farmers only allowed to grow little varieties of crops such as wheat?

Because there were only a few scant varieties to choose from for farmers to grow. It's different nowadays, as farmers have far more cultivars and varieties to choose from to grow in their fields.

Why did colonists choose to land where they did?

The reason why they chose that land is because of the, Mass and How beneficial it would be because of all the crops and goods they could provide.

Where in Africa do farmers raise crops to sell?

Cash Crops are important because they grow crops of coffee

Why farmers often plant crops on drumlins?

Farmers often plant crops on drumlins because their soil is deep and well-drained.

Why do farmers choose gm crops over non-gm crops?

Because of the opportunity GM crops provide for greater profit with less risk. Also GM crops give much bigger yields (bushels/acre) and thus more profit over crops that are not GMO.

Why do farmers depend on weather?

Farmers depend on the weather because they need to plant there crops

What was the main reason farmers in the west used the transcontinental railroad?

transprt their crops to the east

How did farmers move their products before railroads?

Before the railroads were built, farmers had to haul their crops on wagons. This was one reason the farmers who wanted to export part of their crops settled near rivers or near the Atlantic ocean.

Why sparrow are called farmers friend?

Because its protect crops from unwanted warms,which destroy crops .

Why are rats enemy of farmers?

rats are enemy of farmers because rats eat their crops or plants

Why did the AAA pay farmers not to grow certain crops?


What is the business of growing crops and raising animal?

The business of growing crops and raising animals is farming. Farmers can choose to concentrate on either crops, or animals, or they have the option of doing both.