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The costs of a year of breakdown coverage ranges from as little as 20 dollars to more than 300 dollars. On average a year of breakdown coverage costs ca. $80.

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Q: On average what does a year of breakdown coverage cost?
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How much does good vehicle breakdown coverage cost?

Good vehicle breakdown coverage can cost anywhere from $80 per year to $250 per year, depending on coverage. $80 will get roadside assistance only, while the more expensive plans will include diagnostics and possibly even repair.

What is the average cost of property insurance in Hollywood, CA?

The average cost is $600 per year. This varies greatly depending on coverage limits.

What is the average cost of car insurance for a 17-year-old female in Colorado?

It depends on your car, driving record and amount of coverage you get.

How much does boat insurance cost for a large pontoon boat?

Large Pontoon boat insurance can vary from different types of coverage. On average it can cost thousands per year

How much is the average insurance for a motorcycle?

The average cost for motorcycle insurance varies based on age, driving record, location of residence, type of motorcycle, and type of coverage. The price can range from $200 to $1000 per year.

What companies cover a motor breakdown incident?

AAA roadside assistance program is probably the most well known company that covers motor breakdown incidents. Coverage with them starts around $80 dollars per year.

How much extra does bodily injury liability car insurance cost per year, on average?

Extra bodily injury insurance can easily be added to your policy. It may cost an extra one hundred to one thousand dollars per year, depending on the extent of coverage and your insurer.

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