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Iron - the rest are metals used in olympic medals.

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Q: Odd one out in gold silver bronze and iron and why?
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Separate the odd member from Iron Gold Carbon Silver?

Among iron, gold, carbon, and silver, the odd member is carbon, the only non-metal of the group. On the periodic table, the three metals are all in the central "transitional metals" area, but carbon is on the right side among the non-metals.

What is the odd one in silver zinc gold tin iron?

zinc because all other metals are in original form

What is the odd one out between brass bronze and iron?

Iron is an element. The other two are alloys containing copper.

Gold sulfur aluminum silver lead - which is the odd one out?


Which is NOT a mineral. a) gold b) glass c) salt d) diamonds e) iron?

Iron is the odd entry in this list.

Which one of these is the odd one out - gold silver platinum?

Platinum, because Gold And Silver , together with Copper and in the same Sub- Group of the Periodic Table. This means that Gold , Silver and Copper have the same number of electrons in their outmost energy shell.

Why are 55BC roman coins so worthless?

They aren't worthless, but the vast majority of Roman coins are struck in bronze which isn't worth as much as gold or silver, many were struck for circulation and bronze deteriorates with time meaning that many of the coins are not in good condition after being dug up 2,000 some odd years later. All of these affects value.

Tycho Brahe was famous for what odd facial part?

Gold nose. Horse Isle Real Time Quiz Answer: gold nose

What is the odd one out oxygen iron carbon or sulfur?

Iron. Iron is a metal while the others are nonmetals

Odd man out between iron zinc copper brass?

Brass is the odd one out among aluminium, brass, copper, and iron. Brass is an alloy while the other three are elements.

What metal is the odd one out?

bronze ****************************** Mercury, as it is the only metal that is a liquid at room temperature.

What does 14k sp mean stamped on a ring?

kaelindesignThere's two options. One is that it is 14k over silver plate. Which is odd, but possible. The second is that it is 14k gold, and the makers mark is SP. How heavy is it? If it's noticeably heavier than a silver bracelet, then it's likely gold. Do you have a picture of the SP mark?