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The three sources of food energy are protein, carbohydrates (sugars), and fats.

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Q: Name one of the 3 sources of energy for the body?
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Name one of the three sources of engergy for the body?

Carbs, Protein, Fat

Name one source of energy for the body?


What is the number one source of energy for human body?

The number one source of energy for the human body is carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose to provide fuel for our cells. Other sources of energy include fats and proteins.

Can people eat food?

Yes. People eat food all the time. food is one of the sources your body needs to get energy to do stuff.

What is one of the energy sources of the cell?


Which is the best energy resource?

There isn't a single "best" energy resource as the best choice depends on various factors such as location, availability, cost, and environmental impact. It's important to have a mix of energy resources to meet diverse needs and to transition towards cleaner, more sustainable options like renewable energy sources.

Is solar energy one of the most popular energy sources in HI?


Name 4 nonrenewable sources of energy?

uh...there is the fossil fuels- coal oil and natrualgas, but I don't know the last one...edit:Uranium!!!

What is natural sources of energy?

one natural resource is the sun

Are carbohydates one of the major sources of energy?

In nutrition, yes

From where can one find more information on energy efficient lighting?

One can find more information on energy efficient lighting from the following sources: Earth Easy, Energy Star, Carbon Trust, Living Greener, NSW Environment and Heritage, Energy Saving Trust, to name a few.

What are 2 energy sources created in the light reactions?

The two energy sources created in the light reactions of photosynthesis are ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate). These molecules carry energy that can be used in the Calvin cycle to produce carbohydrates.