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Your windscreen wiper does not spray water on the Zafira 07 because it is faulty.

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Q: My windscreen wiper doesn't spray the water on my zafira 07?
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Where is the windscreen water reservoir in a Renault megane 1.6 sport alize?

no spray

How do you clean a car windscreen?

To clean a car windscreen (or windshield), wet the surface with water, scrub it with a microfiber car cleaning sponge, spray with auto glass cleaner, and polish with a fine-textured microfiber cloth.

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Where is water spray motor on espace 2000cc?

I presume you mean the washer motor? for the windscreen,its behind the bumper in front of the drivers wheel.You can see it if you look in the wheel arch.

Why do Window washers not work on opel zafira?

No water in bottle.

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What is the cause of a puddle of water in the rear passenger floor in a Ford Focus It happens only when it rains and even when the car is stationary?

Seals of the windscreen can be broken. If this is the case, whole windscreen needs to be replaced. Check by pouring water along the seals of the windscreen, you should be able to check if the water is trickling through into the floor of the car.

What is wiper system in car?

A car's wiper system is designed to keep the windscreen (windshield) clear of rain. It consists of a synthetic rubber blade, held on a resilient arm which is pivoted at one end. The arm oscillates back and forth such that the rubber blade sweeps across the windscreen and disperses the rainwater. Its function is aided by including jets which can spray water containing a detergent on to the screen.

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Why is the water not getting from the water tank to the windscreen.?

Blocked hose? Hole in the water container (which stops the water pressure within the bottle) ?

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