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its both of your faults. mostly his but you both should have been looking.

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Q: My neighbor just backed into the drivers side of my car backing out of our lot at our apartment while i was driving in. who is at fault?
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I live in California i was driving through my apartment complex when i was hit in the front driver side corner by a person backing out of a parking spot. Am i at fault?

The greater fault lies with the person backing out of the parking space. You may still be partially at fault for not driving with due care.

What organizations are recommend for keeping children safe while backing up?

Driving schools that will teach drivers how long the blind spot on the ground is in back of a vehicle , and enforce checking around the vehicle while backing, as well as tell kids around the vehicle to keep out of the way while backing up.

What is backing up in driving?

Being in reverse

Who has the right of way in a parking lot - person backing out of a spot or someone driving through?

The person driving through. If you're backing out then you do not have the right of way.

What are defensive driving skills?

Defensive driving are safe driving techniques that drivers do to avoid another drivers mistake.

How do you back a car out of the driveway from park to driving forward?

If you're driving forward, you aren't backing out the car.

Is backing the most dangerous maneuver in driving?

Yes There is a 100% true saying in the bus driver profession. 95% of bus drivers will loose their job in reverse. If you think about it: You can't see very well when Backing Pedestrians and other cars are flat out stupid as they think that when they have the "Right of Way" you won't run over them.

Who is at fault if a parked car backs out and hits you as you're driving past?

It is the fault of the person backing out. You have the right-of-way if you are driving in a usual and safe manor. The person who hit you should be cited for "backing without caution".

What is backing up while driving?

Backing up while driving is putting your car in reverse with your foot on the brake and slowly letting your foot off the brake. If you are pulling out of a parking spot you might turn the wheel.

When Drivers must use bright lights only when driving?

Drivers must use bright lights only when driving?

What is definsive driving?

Driving as if other drivers are driving carelessly, being ready to avoid them.

Is defensive driving the only kind taught in drivers training or can you learn offensive driving too?

Defensive driving means that you are aware of other drivers around you. Offensive driving would be the opposite of that. You would not be taught in driving school to drive without caution or concern towards other drivers.