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Q: Mercedes c 1.8 wont rev past 4000 rpm in neutral or park auto?
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Where on a Mazda auto 1994 is the park and neutral switch?

if you look on the transmission, you should see two wires connected to the neutral switch.

Where is the reverse switch on Mercedes 230 clk?

Immediately passed the Park position. Neutral separates the Reverse gear and the Drive gears.

C200 kompressor Mercedes ignition switch not work?

What do you mean by this? I would also like to point out that there is a microswitch attached to the gear selector on auto models which sometimes goes wrong (did on mine) and willnot allow you to start the engine without it being in "park" or "neutral"

Where is the park neutral safety switch on 94 camaro auto trans?

on the lower part of the steering column inside the car

97 Saturn will not start unless in neutral may not even start then?

any auto transmission car that starts in neutral and not in park has a problem with the safety switch. Fix it or bypass it.

How do you change a 2000 Ford countour rev limit while in park or neutral Limit is about 3900 to 4000 in neutral or park But the actual car's top end is about 6000 RPM?

It's designed like that to protect the engine when there is no load on the engine , it's part of the powertrain control module

1993 Audi 90s does not start in neutral but starts in gear?

most likely a bad sensor or someone wired it to do that. on a auto its called a park/neutral sensor on a manual its called a neutral sensor. -mechanic 7+ years

1995 winnebago vectra with Chevy 454 engine equipped with Auto Park feature The auto park feature is locked and can't get it to release?

Maybe an out of adjustment park-neutral-switch. Ttry shifting to low, then back to drive. Lots of info at, do a search on autopark. Good luck!!

Can you flat tow 2002 Jeep Wrangler?

I did and there were no issues, I made sure trans was in neutral as well as the transfer case. I did hear about a friend who towed an auto in neutral without the transfer case in neutral and the transmission is bad now. You want the transmission in Park and the transfer case in neutral.

97 Monte Carlo when sitting idle and in park you can rev the motor to about 4000 RPM before it starts lopping replaced the tps as a scan tool said it was faulty left to idle on its own it dies?

The rev limiter is set to activate in park @ 4000 rpm. In R D or neutral the rev limiter is set at 6500 rpm.

2002 Ba falcon auto trans inhibitor switch what does it do?

the inhibitor switch only allows the car to be started in Neutral or Park. No other positions.

What is a park neutral switch?

It is a switch that only allows the starter to work when the transmission is in neutral or park.