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Q: Members of what comedy team said their best work was in a short called You Nazty Spy?
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When was the first comedy movie made?

The first one I know of is a silent short called Watering the Gardener

How do you write a comedy?

You can write it in many ways to write a comedy, long or short it doesn't matter.

Who was not of the three amigos in the 1986 comedy?

Martin Short

Who is a member of the legislative branch of Canada?

The Canadian legislature is called parliament, and those who are part of it are called members of parliament (or MPs for short).

Is there any TV series called The Sweet Life?

The Sweet Life was a short lived comedy varity show on the old Comedy Central. Hosted by Rachel Sweet, and written by Jon Stewart the show lasted from 1989 to 1990.

What is a comedy bit?

A short act by one or more comedians

Have you got any idea's for comedy short films?

Yes, I do. And in order for you to develop an idea for a comedy, best practices dictate that you view every situation and explore it for its comedic content. Then, you'll be able to develop your own idea for a short comedy film.

What is the short form for the members of legislature of Ontario?

provincial parlament is a short form for the members of legislature of Ontario.

What genre is the movie 'Music and Lyrics'?

It is a Romantic Comedy. Rom-com for short.

What are the release dates for Short Attention Span Theater - 1989 Comedy Bootcamp 5-3?

Short Attention Span Theater - 1989 Comedy Bootcamp 5-3 was released on: USA: 26 March 1993

In which short filler comedy series did the Simpsons got its start?

The Tracy Ullman Show

What short-lived 2003 TV comedy was named for an 80's hairstyle?

The Mullets