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Q: Male sprem be a thick and very little when it come out?
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How can you stop your dog from accepting sprem after she has breed with another dog?

Keep her away from males that you don't want her to breed with, so that an accidental breeding doesn't happen. She won't stop the male from mating, unless she is about to come out of her heat cycle, so you'll have to keep them separated.

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yes it is possible that there could be a few sperms in the pre-ejaculation fluid that comes out first

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Yes. At fully grown a male will come to about a little below a adults knee (females tend to be smaller)

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Why does not male koala have a pouch?

The male koala does not have a pouch for the simple reason that the male koala has no part in the raising of the young joey. The only male marsupial which had a pouch was the Thylacine, now extinct. The Thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, had a pouch to protect its reproductive parts whilst running through thick undergrowth. The pouch had no puspose in helping to raise the young.

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They can come either as male or female.