Make Men last longer in sex?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yoga can make them last up to three times longer

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Q: Make Men last longer in sex?
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How do men make sex?

you do not 'make sex' you have sexual intercoarse .

Why do Black men last 3-5 times longer than in sex than white men?

The real question is "do they?". I very much doubt it; you are probably repeating an unfounded rumor.

If you allow your wife to make sex with other men?

if i allow my wife to make sex with other men

Do men only like girls for sex?

sadly. some of them do, but not all men, infact, when most men date you, sex is the last thing on their mind

How one can stay longer in sex so that the partner also gets her full satisfaction?

My boyfriend told me he sings the Star Spangle Banner in his head. It must work, I'm happy. This is the proverbial question with most men. How can I last longer? Sometimes if you can get a physician to prescribe PROZAC, this drugs side effects is difficulty achieving an orgasm. Most men can overcome this side effect but it takes longer sex to do it.

What is buffering in sex?

When a dude takes a short break in sex for him to last longer and have the girl closer or hit her orgasm.

Do same-sex marriages last longer than other marriages?


Why do men watch pornography-?

Men watch this to make them more aroused to have sex.

You want to increase your sex timing?

Try this. Before having sex masturbate then have sex like five minutes later. It should last longer.

Does men have an interest in sex longer than women through out life?

No men's don't but womens do because there always wanting to have kids

Is sex make men weak?

sex make you want to sleep or rest for a few minutes, that's normal

What pill to make sex last?

Have you heard of pabo? pabo is an online sex shop as to say, in there you can find many items to help sex last longer, stud spray is one, with give you that extra half hour or so, and most people go for the vibrating cockrings. go to pabo online and have a gander....good luck....happy mating!!!!!