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Q: Long hoses between ac unit and the recovery machine should be avoided as they cause?
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What should I expect regarding my recovery from retinal surgery?

Retinal srugery can take up to 6 months to fully recovery. It is mostly pain free recovery. The avarage recovery time is three weeks, however, their are certain restrictions that will be in effect for 2 months. Drastic changes in elevation,such as going to the mountains, have to be avoided for 2 months after surgery.

Can Levofloxacin go well with alcohol?

Levofloxacin does not react with alcohol. But alohol does weaken your liver and can lead to a loger recovery time so alcohol should be avoided but it will not harm you if you drink a little.

What foods should you avoid with infected lymph nodes?

As with any other infection, I believe glucose should be avoided if you have an infected lymph node. Glucose feeds the infection, and with the absence of glucose, the lymph node can recovery quicker.

What Social interactions should be avoided in the workplace?

All should be avoided except talking.

Why should parallax errors be avoided?

parral error should be avoided cause it can cause a disaster

What should be avoided?


What should be avoided in the workplace?

Several practices that should be avoided in the workplace:Unsafe practicesViolation of company policyBullyingIllegal activityFishing from the company pierHorseplaySleeping

What yoga exercises should be avoided if prone to retinal detachment?

what yoga exercise should be avoided if prone to retinal decatchment?

What brands of shutters should be avoided when looking for longevity?

Any plastic shutters should be avoided in favor of wood ones.

What does the recovery from hair transplantation involve?

The areas involved in transplantation may need to be bandaged overnight. People can return to normal activities within a day. Strenuous activities should be avoided in the first few days after the surgery.

Why should slang and jargon be avoided?

They should be avoided in a professional setting because they are informal and casual, and also because they are easily misunderstood.

Why should crunchy foods be avoided by those wearing braces?

Foods that are crunchy should be avoided to minimize the risk of breaking the appliance.