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John weighs 85 pounds. Jeff weighs 105 pounds. Jake weighs 115 pounds. Two of them standing together on the same scale could weigh 200 pounds.

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2009-06-27 09:04:51
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Q: John weighs 85 pounds Jeff weighs 105 pounds Jake weighs 115 pounds Two of them standing together on the same scale could weigh 200 pounds?
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John weigh 85 pounds Jeff weighs 105 pounds Jake weighs155 pounds two of theme standing on the same scale could weigh 200 pounds?


John weighs 85 kilograms Jeff weighs 105 kilograms Jake weighs 115 kilograms Two of them standing together on the same scale could weigh 200 kilograms?


If A bag of pretzels weighs between 5 and 7 pounds what could be the weight?

..........? Anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds!

How much does the head weigh?

The adult human head weighs around 10 pounds, although it could weigh much more. Your brain only weighs about 3 pounds.

What weighs 1625 pounds?

There are many things in the world that could weigh 1625 pounds. A young elephant may way 1625 pounds for example.

Conversion of 170 pounds in kilogram?

Pounds and kilograms are really different things so they can't be converted directly. For example, pounds are units of weight and kilograms are units of mass. You could ask, "how many kilograms weighs 170 pounds". In that case you can use the conversion, 1 Kilogram weighs 2.2 pounds. So to find how many Kilograms weighs 170 pounds divide 170/2.2 = 77.3 Kilograms weighs 170 pounds.

How much does an alligator weighs?

A really large gator could weigh nearly 1100 pounds.

Is a man stronger than a deer?

No. A deer weighs 175-550 pounds, while a man weighs 150 pounds on average. Deers have sharp antlers and sharp hooves that could kill a single human or three.

How big is a hammer?

Hammers come in a wide variety of sizes. A small hammer could have a head that weighs one ounce, and a very large hammer could have a head that weighs five pounds (in a sledge hammer).

What does a suburban weigh?

a suburban weighs 378.2 pounds The above would be the wrong answer. An obese person could weigh that much, most likely the answer would be 3,782 pounds (not sure) 5200 pounds

Could a polar bear kill a male lion?

Yes, a polar bear could kill a lion. A polar bear weighs 1800 pounds, is 13 ft long, and has stronger muscles than a lion, and its sharp claws could kill two lions at a time. A lion weighs 550 pounds and is 6.5 ft long.

What weighs 5 tonnes?

Could be many things. Five tonnes is the same as 11,023 pounds or 5.51 US tons.

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