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Reverse Osmosis water is purified water that has been filtered through a semi-permeable membrane. This removes most biological and organ and non-organic toxins. It is safe to drink.

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Q: It is safety to drink Reverse Osmasis Treated water?
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Is water purified by Reverse Osmosis method safe to drink?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is usually very clean and safe to drink. Many bottled water brands use RO treated water.

Can Reverse Osmosis water purifier purify soft drink?

no it cannot purify

What are safety in woodworking?

Pay attention. Eye protection. Don't drink.

Is it safe to drink Reverse Osmosis Treated water?

Reverse osmosis is a method of purifying water. If the semi-permeable membrane this method requires remains intact, it's a very effective way of filtering most pollutants from drinking water. You're safe against biologicals and most organic and non-organic toxins (although I'd probably exclude radioactives from the safe list).

How water must be treated before people drink it?

It must be at least filtered and boiled

How does a baby whale drink milk?

from its mothers blowhole they stick on to the blowhole for safety to

Why does gas in the North Sea have a chemical added to it for safety?

cows drink gas

Is spring water safe to drink straight from the lake?

spring water is usually (not always) safe to drink without being treated.

How do you cure water before drinking?

If by "cure" you mean make safe to drink, it can be boiled, or treated with a disinfecting chemical, such as chlorine. It can also be treated with ultraviolet light.

Can you drink lab water and why?

Whether or not you can drink lab water will depend on what has been added. If you are referring to the water from the safety areas, then yes, you may drink that water because it's distilled.

Does water have to be processed before we drink it if so how is it processed?

it's not processed, it is filtered and or treated. There are many different ways to filter water. And you can drink straight from spring water.

How long do you wait to drink water that has been contaminated?

Forever unless you have treated the water to make it potable.