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Excessive exposure to ultra violet light can lead to sun burn, skin cancer, and depending on the wave length of the light, cataracts. These conditions are not generally considered to be good for you.

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Q: Is working under ultraviolet bad for you?
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What property do minerals that glow under ultraviolet light display?

What property do minerals that glow under ultraviolet light display

What nonsilicate mineral glows under ultraviolet light?

3 minerals that glow under ultra violet light

What three minerals glow under ultraviolet light and what is that glow called?

Some minerals that glow under ultraviolet light are scheelite, amber, halite.

When is a mineral a fluorescent?

when it glows under ultraviolet light.

What mineral glows under ultraviolet light?


What are three minerals that glow under ultraviolet light?

scheelite, amber, halite and its called luminescence

What kinds of bad health does ultraviolet radiation cause?

one is cancer

Is sunbathing bad for you economically?

The bad economic effects of sunbathing are:If you are laying out in the sun you are probably not working and making income, andIf you have enough unprotected exposure to ultraviolet from the sun, you may develop skin cancer and have to pay some or all of the costs of dealing with that.

What is the ability to glow under ultraviolet light called?


Can some minerals glow under ultraviolet light?

Yes. Only certain minerals will glow under ultraviolet light. First you have to have the uv light shining on it, then you have to turn the lights off and they will grow

Is working out bad while being under the influence of crystal meth?

I'd think that doing anything involving crystal meth would be bad.

What gives off visible light under an ultraviolet light?

== Fluorescence== Fluorescent objects emit visible light when stimulated by ultraviolet light.