Is wine good for anemia

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think that wine is not good for anemia because it may get serious

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Q: Is wine good for anemia
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Does wine cause anemia?


Can you get anemia from red wine?

No. Thanks for using Chacha!

Is wine good to treat anemia?

That is a good question, here's my story. At age 29 I had my first alcaholic drink. I only drank the stuff on the weekends, but I came across a sum of money, about $250. I spent about $200 on wine in a month, then quit because it just cost to much. I was told I had anemia before this, after that month of wine I moved and found out from a person that wine builds blood up. My next blood test revealed I no longer had anemia. Exactly a month after I quit. I was drinking mostly boone's farm, and sometimes yellow tail. 3 liters of wine a day, and it went away. I guess the money for the wine was worth it because it got rid of my anemia. I tend to believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason is good. I'm not encouraging anyone to drink that much, but it was just my experience. I haven't touched wine in 3 years and don't plan to again unless my anemia comes back. Honestly I didn't get drunk most of the time I drank. I just viewed it as a waste of money, so I quit.

Is pure grape juice good for anemia?

Yes pure grape juice is good for anemia.

What is the prognosis for pernicious anemia?

Prognosis is generally good for patients with pernicious anemia

Is golkonda wine good?

No. It is the worst wine and not good

Is wine good for brain?

wine is not good for your brain spinach is

Are plantains good for children who suffer from anemia?


Where can one buy cheap but good wine?

There are a number of stores or websites that sell cheap but good wine. One can get wine of this nature from 'The Calais Wine Superstore', 'Walmart' and 'Majestic Wine'.

When was Good Year for the Wine created?

Good Year for the Wine was created in 1970-07.

What is the name of good NZ made wine?

Sauvignon Blanc is a good wine from New Zealand.