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yes there is choclate in choclate milk so you take white milk and white milk then you just but choclate syrup in one and the one without choclate syrup is better for you.

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Q: Is white milk better for you than choclate milk?
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What chocolate melts faster milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

that is the dumbest quesion do a better one next time

Is dark chocolate fattening?

It is a bit unhealthy for you but healteaist chocolate. It is not fattening; only milk chocolate & white choclate

What milk has more flavor to it chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

chocolate ice cream is way better than strawberry ice cream..... no strawberry is better.

Is white chocolate better for you than milk chocolate?

White chocolate isn't in fact actual chocolate. It does not contain any cocoa whatsoever, and is mostly sugar. Milk chocolate contains cocoa, milk, and other ingredients used in actual chocolate. For this reason I would say that milk chocolate is better.

Is milkshake the same as hot chocolate?

Just the cheap version. Good chocolate milk is made with good chocolate, vanilla, and milk. Any good search engine will provide you with a good recipe. If in a pinch, the instant, a good brand, is preferred over heated chocolate milk.

Is breve milk better than whole milk?


Is white better than pink?

Yes pink is better than white

Is yellow better than white?

Yes yellow is better than white

Why is skim milk better than whole milk?

Skim Milk is better because whole milk has the fat in it. Skim Milk has no fat because they took it out.

Why is White milk Healthier than chocolate milk?

Less suger......

Which is healthier Reese's or Hershey's chocolate?

well, its all depending on the suger contents, but they are both good for you in some way because the milk has calcium.In moderation, dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk chocolate. It contains less sugar and more antioxidants, which will be better for weight loss and lower blood pressure. It is important to note that dark chocolate shouldn't be eaten with a glass of milk if the health benefits are desired.

Is whole milk better than babies milk?

Babies don't produce milk.