Is white hot hotter than red hot?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Yes. Red comes from the lowest energy range of and blue from the highest. LMAO So when an object gets hot enough to glow it produces red light first. As the object gets hotter it begins to emit yellow, green, then blue light. But it doesn't stop producing the red light either. So when the object is very hot it is producing red, yellow, green, and blue light. Since white light is all the colors combined, the object looks white.

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Q: Is white hot hotter than red hot?
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Is a flame red flame hotter than a yellow flame?

No, yellow is hotter. The progression, from least hot to hottest, goes: black-red, dark red, bright red, light red, orange, yellow, blue, white-yellow, white.

Is white lava hotter than red?


What is a clue to a stars temperature?

Its colour. White stars are hotter than blue stars which are hotter than yellow which are hotter than orange, which are hotter than red.

Is betelgeuse hotter than a white dwarf?

No, the surface temperature of Betelgeuse is colder than the temperature of a white dwarf, the white dwarf is the hot core of a dead star. Also, red stars are always colder than white stars.

What is the difference between red hot and white hot?

When some objects get hot enough, they glow, given off a faint red light . If they get even hotter, the glow turns into white light. The objects are said to be white light

Are giants hotter than white dwarfs?

Red giants are not hotter than white dwarfs. While red giants are much larger and burn more fuel, white dwarfs burn at a higher temperature.

Is a white-blue star is hotter than a red star?

Yes it is

What color are stars when they are really hot compared to their color when they are not as hot?

The hottest stars are blue or blue-white, the coldest stars are red. In between, from colder to hotter are orange and yellow and maybe green. A white dwarf star is even hotter than a blue-white star, but it is dead and no longer undergoing fusion.

Which is hotter red stars or whitish - blue stars?

White Dwarves and Blue giants are both hotter than Red giant stars.

What is the difference between red blue and white stars?

blue and white stars are hotter than red stars (and newer).

True or false Red stars are hotter than whittish- blue stars?

False. Blue giants(or hypergiants) are hotter than Red giant stars. White dwarves are also hotter but they are smaller than blue giants. (As is implied by the name.)

A white blue star is hotter than a red stra?

The blue star is the hottest.