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Q: Is white bread dangerous to your health?
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What if bread has mold?

You should not take that bread as your meal. The breads can always be dangerous for the health.

Is it healthy to eat moldy bread?

No, its not healthy . Most fungi are dangerous for health .

Is white asbestos dangerous?

All forms of asbestos may be hazardous to your health is not handled properly.

Does white bread have bleach in it?

No, white bread does not have bleach in it. The whiteness of white bread comes from refined flour, which has been processed to remove the bran and germ, not from bleach. Bleach is not used in the production of white bread.

Whole meal brown bread make you fat?

I don't think so! According to what I know, brown bread is better for your health and your weight than white bread because it contains less carbs than white bread, and some people even consider it as a low carbs food! Don't worry about eating brown bread, it's good for you though.

Does white bread have more vinegar?

no white bread has no vinegar!

How healthy is white bread with jam in?

Well in general white bread is the most commonly eaten and is not as health as other types of bread like whole wheat ones, jam is fairly okay as well good source of energy before a run which I usually eat if I don't have time to cook

Why does white bread mold quicker than wheat bread?

because of the ingredients in the white bread

Will mold grow faster on white bread wheat bread or buttermilk bread?

Mold will grow faster on white bread.

Which type of bread toasts fastest wheat bread or white bread?

White bread typically toasts faster than wheat bread due to its lower moisture content and lighter texture, which allows heat to penetrate more quickly and evenly. Wheat bread contains more fiber and nutrients which can slow down the toasting process.

How is black bread different from white bread'?

Black bread is made from whole grain flours like rye or wheat, resulting in a denser texture and darker color compared to white bread made from refined flours. Black bread tends to have a stronger flavor and is often richer in nutrients like fiber and vitamins.

Why does cinnamon-raisin bread not mold as quickly as white bread?

Cinnamon-raisin bread is made out of whole wheat and not white bread. In white bread there is starch and sugars which aid the effect of aging.