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Of course not ! ! Wash away!...BB Society in the Western World are becoming germaphobics!!! The manufacturers love to make the public paranoid. Want to sell a product ... either tell the public that it's good for them or instill the fear of God into them so they feel if they don't use the product they could be endangering themselves or their children. The manufacturers of certain products pick on usually mothers that want the best for their children. You should only have to wash your hands after: going to the washroom; handling food; after using some products such as sprays that may get on your hands and after going shopping or doing other errands. Other than that quit washing your hands so much. People are upset because they can't figure out why they have cracked hands and it's because the very manufacturer of the antibiotic soaps have made a product that strips the oils and GOOD bacteria from your skin! Even if you use a mild soap and wash you hands too much you can take all that good bacteria that fights germs right off your skin. Cracks in the hands are open wounds and more apt to become infected. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it has a good bacteria on it. By showering, having too many baths and always washing one's hands (when it's not necessary) a person is stripping of the very bacteria on the skin that helps to keep us healthy. Most people don't stop and think rationally. When I was a kid I shared my ice cream cone with my dog; my brother ate dirt and worms (was very young) and we seldom washed our hands and gee, that was like 60 years ago and we're alive and breathing, rarely if every get a cold or the flu (and no, we don't take flu shots) because we believe in letting our own immune system grow stronger and do the work for us. We eat right, exercise, have good hygiene without over-doing the washing of hands. Flu shots may be necessary for people with different illness' or having chemo or radiation, but other than this, it's best to build up your own immune system. The only shots we had back in our day was for polio, chicken pox, etc. Don't be afraid to to look up information on flu shots (whether it's good or bad) or what shot your doctor may want to give you or your children. Knowledge is worth it's weight in gold! So, ease up on the washing of the hands. Be realistic. If you go to the gym then have a shower or at least wash your hands. Same applies to if you are out shopping, gardening, etc. Let your skin and immune system work for you!

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Q: Is washing your hands once as effective as washing more?
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