Is want a synonym for custom?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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* tradition * ritual, * a practice of . . .

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Q: Is want a synonym for custom?
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What is the synonym of heritage?

ancestry , custom

Synonym for Customized?

personalized, custom, tailored, custom-built

Which is the closest synonym for the word tradition?


What is synonym for adapted?

modified, personalized, custom-made, made to order

What is the synonym for lettuce?

... you want a synonym for a specific vegetable?... Maybe try cabbage.

What is the synonym of formality?

convention, ceremony, custom, procedure, form, gesture, tradition, rule, service, ritual

What is a synonym for majesty?

want sxomething

What is the synonym for formality?

Some synonyms for formality are convention, custom, ceremony, form, procedure, tradition, protocol, and propriety.

What is the synonym of fashion?

To me a synonym of fashion would be style. If you mean the verb "to fashion" something, a synonym would be create or make or form. A fashion could also mean a trend. Others can include: look, rage, custom, mode, vogue, craze

Is the word synonym an abstract noun?

The noun 'synonym' is a concrete noun as a word for a written or spoken word or phrase (the word want is a synonym of desire).

What is the height of a custom height toilet seat?

What ever you want it to be thus the name custom

Where can I find custom wooden signs online?

Custom wooden signs are in high demand these days, and you can find them at Al's Toy Barn. The trees want your money! I want a custom wooden sign too.