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Q: Is vicks vapor rub good for chest congestion?
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Is Vicks good for toenail fungus?

Yes. I have used Vicks Vapor Rub on my toenails on many occasions and it clears them right up. I put it on top of the nail, as well as, push it under the nail at the tip of the nail.

What is pinellia used for?

pinellia is particularly useful for chest complaints. It relieves coughs and cuts through mucus, being especially good for sinus congestion and nasal discharge.

How does congestion control and QOS related?

In congestion control, the load on a network is prevented from exceeding the capacity. Quality of service refers to the characteristics that a flow of data seeks to attain. If there is good congestion control, then the QoS is also good and vice versa.

What good affects has Pseudoephedrine got?

It relieves nasal congestion.

What is a good chest workout routine to increase chest muscle size?

A good chest workout is to do bench presses. I think it's the best choice for working out your chest muscles. Good luck and have fun working out.

What are the Christian beliefs on sickness?

Well, I am a Christian and the bible says we should practice "laying on of hands" by elders in the church. Most of the time I just take a Tylenol if I don't feel good. Sometimes if it chest congestion I take Robitusin DM. Make sure it is DM though because that helps to break up the congestion. If your really sick you should see a doctor and call your church elders.

What was michal Vicks dogs names?

a good way to figure this out instead of on wikianswers u can look it up on google

What is the literary device used in a treasure chest of good wishes?

Treasure chest of good wishes

What is the Best thing for chest congestion?

If you are congested, a type of medicine called an expectorant will help loosen the congestion so you can more easily cough it up. Many cough medicine preparations contain expectorant medication. One of the expectorant ingredients that works best for my family is called Guaifenesin. Read the label on the cough medicines and pick one with that as the active ingredient. There are also longer acting tablets with guaifenesin as the active ingredient available also over the counter called Mucinex. Both of these types of medicine have been recommended by many health care professionals during the pandemic.

What antibiotics should i take for head and chest congestion?

A chest cold is a VIRUS so u cant treat it with antibiotics. If you do, any other bacterior in ur body will become imune to them and they will become 'Superbugs' which are almost impossible to treat. There are antiVIRALS which can help but chances are they wont cos viruses are constantly evolving and it wont help.

What would be a good complex sentence for chest?

whats a quested for chest

What are the benefits of brewing figleaves?

The benefits of brewing fig leaves are plentiful. If a person has congestion in their chest they can use the brewed fig tea leaves as a tea. It's also good for people with high blood pressure as it has lowering properties in it due to the vitamins and minerals inside the leaves.