Is turpentine dangerous

Updated: 9/13/2023
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yes it can cause skin irretation and can be deadly if ingested

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Q: Is turpentine dangerous
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Storing Turpentine?

While turpentine is an extremely useful chemical to have around your home, there are a certain number of precautions that any responsible person should take when storing turpentine. First, it should be obvious that turpentine is a toxic chemical that should be stored away from the inside of your home. Turpentine vapors escape from the container, and these vapors can be dangerous if inhaled for prolonged periods. Also, consider the fact that turpentine is a very flammable liquid. Because of this, you should never store turpentine near heat lamps or any other source of intense heat in order to prevent combustion.

Where to buy turpentine in the Philippines?


What solutes dissolve in turpentine?

Turpentine is a good solvent for paints.

What is the pH of turpentine?

I suppose that the pH of turpentine cannot be determined.

What is a sentence for turpentine?

Queen Queen Caroline washed her hair in turpentine,turpentine to make it shine Queen Queen Caroline

Is plastic ok for turpentine storage?

No. Most plastics are permeable for the small molecules the are part of turpentine. Use Glass to store turpentine.

What is the difference between mineral turpentine and turpentine essence?

The real turpentine is made with the fruits of the pine,the mineral one is petrol-based

Why a painter removes paint with turpentine?

Oil paint dissolves in turpentine.

When was Turpentine Jake created?

Turpentine Jake was created in 2011-10.

When was Turpentine - EP - created?

Turpentine - EP - was created in 2007-10.

Did turpentine develop from cotton?

No, it did not. Turpentine comes from a substance in pine trees.

Where to buy turpentine?

You buy turpentine in a paint store or a hardware store.