Is tulisa and frazer related

Updated: 9/18/2023
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No they are not related but dappy and tulisa are cousins

(by the way it's Fazer not Frazer!) :)

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Q: Is tulisa and frazer related
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Are dappy frazer and tulisa related?


Are frazer and tulisa together?

not anymore,

Are Frazer and Tulisa girlfriend and boyfriend?

Fazer and tulisa used to be but aren't anymore

What is frazer girlfriend called is tulisa going out with?

Tulisa's Fiance is called Adam,she is NOT dating Fazer

What relation are n-dubz?

Dappy And Tulisa Are Cousins Frazer Is Close Friends With Dappy And Tulisa =] Fazer*

Is frazer tulisa boyfriend?

yes she is they have been together ages

First name of band N-Dubz?

dappy,Frazer and Tulisa

Did tulisa sleep with frazer?

They were going out for over a year so yes.

Is faze related to tulisa and dappy?

Fazer and Tulisa are in a relationship but Fazer is not related to Tulisa or Dappy. Tulisa and Dappy are cousins though

What is the names of the singers in n-dubz?

Costas Dino Contostavlos Tula Tulisa Contostavlos Richard Rawson

What is the names of the people in N-dubz?

Dappy {Dino}.<3 Tulisa {Tula}.<3 Frazer {Richard}.<3

What nickname does frazer from n-dubz give his girlfriend tulisa?

Most people that know her call her T xx