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yes infact it's really good for you.

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Q: Is tomatillo juice good for you?
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What plants is the tomatillo plant related to?

The plants that the tomatillo plant is related to is the Venus Fly Trap and the apple tree. The tomatillo plant is a very weird and strange plant because it is very fertile.

What is a tomatillo?

A tomatillo is a small fruit briefly resembling a green tomato. The two are by no means related, the tomatillo being more closely related to gooseberries. Tomatillos can be green to purple-green when ripe.

In what type of cuisine is a tomatillo mainly found?


Components of Okra's juice?

good juice

Is orange juice the worst juice ever?

No, it is good to clean pennies and it tastes good.

Is cranberry juice good for teeth?

Cranberries are good for teeth, but the sugar in the juice isn't.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the Tomatillo?

The scientific name would be Physalis ixocarpa.

Mexican nightshade plant cultivated for its greenish-yellow colored fruit?

I think the answer is tomatillo

Is Tomato or tomato juice good or bad for prostrate?

Is tomato or tomato juice good for your prostrate

Why is cranberry juice good for you?

good for you

Is prune juice bad for diverticulitis?

Is prune juice good for divaticulosis

Is cranberry juice good for the flu?

No. You cannot get the 'flu from cranberry juice.