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Q: Is todays generation is good or bad?
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Was Lyndon Johnsons war on poverty a good or bad idea?

As with today, many the younger generation that it was a good idea, the old guard (the older generation) thought it was a bad idea.

What are the effects of electricity generation on the environment?

Electricity generation if done by renewable resources is good. If done by non renewable is bad.

Why does Europe need more babies?

So they can keep up with the costs of the economically active of todays generation

What is Neccesary of English in todays life?

Your question is the reason. (It is bad English.)

What is the first generation?

really bad

Can you put generation in a sentence?

Each generation differs from the one before it.It has been a generation since we had a bad storm here. Your generation just doesn't understand mine.

What is todays family life like?

You have a good life. You also have fun.

What is the traditional clothing and food of Americans in todays generation?

Bluejeans, t-shirts, nike shoes; fast food, pizza, and Mountain Dew or Red Bull.

Why do many adults say much of todays music is discordant?

their generation of music is different than ours; we grew up listening to different music types.

What are some good electronic games?

There are many electronic games avalible in todays market. The Nintendo DS3D has very good reviews and is cutting edge in todays gaming handhelds. It offers 3D with no glasses required.

Is new Bollywood bad?

The new Bollywood is just commercialized. It is not bad. It has moved to a different generation.

How fast is 28MB internet?

28mb is actually pretty good in todays standard.