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The correct grammar usage here would be: He and I went to the movies last night.

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2009-05-12 03:57:00
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Q: Is this sentence grammatically correct Him and I went to the movies last night?
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Is Yes it did rain last night grammatically correct?

No, its Yes, it did rain last night.

Is this sentence grammatically correct-She sprinted to her bed at night lest those invisible horrible ghosts captured her?

No. It should be "She sprinted to her bed at night, lest those horrible, invisible ghosts capture her"

Is this statement grammatically correct 'I sung to the baby last night'?

No. That would be "I sang to the baby last night."

Is the sentence it is dark in the night correct?

"It is dark in the night." is a correct sentence if you remember to capitalize the first letter of the sentence and put a period at the end.

What does the term inverted mean?

If something has been inverted it has been put upside down, reversed or put in opposite order etc. An example of inverted sentence structure is: "Dark is the night's sky" (as, typically, the grammatically correct sentence would read: "The night sky is dark")

You could not have been - it is a correct word?

"You could not have been" is grammatically correct. "You could not have been at the cinema last night, because I saw you in the park."

Is it was nice meeting you albeit briefly last night grammatically correct?

Use "however" rather than "albeit"

What is the complete direct object in the sentence you saw Cherry at the movies last night?

Cherry at the movies.

Is this sentence its going to be a great night today correct?

If you capitalize the first letter of the sentence and place a period at the end, use an apostrophe for the contraction for 'it's', it is a correct sentence: It's going to be a great night today. Although correct as a sentence, it would make more sense if it said: It's going to be a great night tonight.

How do you use business in a sentence?

Example sentence - The business district is quiet at night.

How do you write sentence Ashok usually doing his homework at night?

The sentence as it is written is not correct. It needs a verb, but 'doing' is an infinitive.A better sentence is:Ashok usually does his homework at night.

Is this a correct sentence a sudden flash of light in the night sky.?

"A sudden flash of light in the night sky." That isn't a sentence at all, since it has no predicate (verb).

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