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Q: Is this person whose namw appears on a pair of ''designer'' sunglasses the same person who designed them?
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What kind of sunglasses does Costa Del Mar offer?

Costa Del Mar's website offers many different styles of sunglasses for purchase. Their sunglasses can be custom designed by the person looking to purchase them on the official website.

How do you design your wedding dress?

You actually get it designed like a normal person. That's if ofcourse you are a designer of wedding dresses.

What are the options for a person to wear sunglasses who already have specs?

Prescription sunglasses or clip-on sunglasses.

Where can a person go to buy vintage sunglasses in Barrie Ontario?

A person can go buy vintage sunglasses in Barrie, Ontario by visiting their local sunglass hut sunglasses dealer in their area. In addition, vintage sunglasses can also be purchased online and shipped to the person.

How do you make a person cool?


What do you call a person that designs?

A person that designs is called a designer.

What is a game designer?

a game designer is a person that designs games

Who invented the f-14 tomcat?

If you mean the person who designed it, the answer is Michael Pelehach, Grumman's chief designer. If you mean which company, the answer, of course, is Grumman, now Northrop Grumman.

Where could a person buy women's sunglasses?

Women's sunglasses can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell women's sunglasses include Zappos and SunglassHut.

What is a home designer?

a home designer is a person that designs houses indoor

What is the purpose of sunglasses?

Every person is at risk for eye damage from the sun. Sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

What is a visual effects designer?

Seen as though im a visual effects designer myself I'll tell you what it is ;) A Visual Effects Designer is a person who creates the special effects in films for example when you see a building collapse or explode, that's entirety Visually Designed... And that's their job, a visual effects designer DESIGNS the special effects of films through digital software Hope that helps :D