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Yes. If both feel dissatisfied in their marital life. However, the married man is easier to be attracted if the woman is sexy and would provide a safe sexual relationship not easily detected.

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Q: Is this married man attracted to you a married woman?
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Why does a married man ask other woman out for coffee?

because they are attracted to them and want to have an affair

Why women attracted easily to a man?

Women should really be attracted to man. A woman should not be attracted to another woman.(lesbian)TheSame thing as a man should not be attracted to another man.(gay/homosexual). Why are women attracted to man. Because, it is most likely for a man to meet the emotional needs of a woman. Although most of the times it leads to deeper relationships.

Can a woman get insurance on a man if he is married?

If the woman and man are married yes, she can get insurance on her husband. If the woman is single and the man married then no, she can't get insurance on him.

Is it possible for a woman to become lesbian after a marriage to men?

Technically, you don't 'become' lesbian. You can be bisexual and have married a man and have been attracted to them, but also have feelings for women. Or they could have lied while they were married and just pretended to be attracted to men. Or they could not have realised that they had the capability to be attracted to men, and only realised it after being married.

Could a gay man be sexually compatible with an extremely Butch woman?

No. A gay man is, by definition, a man who is attracted to other men. A butch woman, no matter how butch, is still a woman.However, If there is a man who seems gay and is attracted to a butch woman, he would be considered bisexual, and a bisexual or straight man could definitely be attracted to a butch woman.

What does it mean when a woman is called a siren?

what makes a man attracted to a woman

Bi ( bisexual)?

Person attracted to man and woman

Why might a man be attracted to a woman who is racist against his people?

A man might be attracted to a woman who is racist against his people because he finds other traits in her that he likes.

If a married man is seeing a woman she is his mistress If a married woman is seeing a man what is the term used to refer to him?

Sugar Daddy ANSWER: For a man that has an affair with a married woman is called lover

How do you know if you are a lesbian if you were married to man for 20 years?

If you are attracted to women after being attracted to a man, then you are most likely bisexual, not a lesbian.

Is there Chinese woman married a Filipino man?

yes some chinese woman married a filipino man

What is a man called when he has a relationship with a married woman?

A1:The man is called the husband if he is married to the woman. Otherwise, he could be called an adulterer. A2:If its a married woman, and a single man, its called an affair. If both the man and woman are married to each each other, obviously, marriage.If both the man and woman are married to two different people, its also called an affair.A3:The man is having a relationship, the woman is having an affair. Either way, it is wrong for both the man and woman.