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i started at the end of sixth grade.

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Q: Is thirteen years old too young to shave your legs?
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I am thirteen and my mum thinks I am too young to shave my legs How can I convince her I am not?

Sorry, kiddo, but your mum is right. Wait 4 years, and ask her, again. You will be much more mature, and will perhaps realize how silly you were at age 12. (Most of us were age 12, once, and it is painful, sometimes, to realize how silly and immature we all were at that age. But that's OK . . . it is part of learning to be a mature adult.

How do you stopin itchin when i shave my legs?

Don't shave your legs!

Do women in Europe shave their legs?

Not all women in Europe shave their legs. It is a myth that European women do not shave their legs.

Do you have to shave your legs to wear hose?

no, you do not have to shave your legs to wear hose.

When you shave your legs to you shave up or down?

you shave up, but if you would want to trim your hair on the legs then shave down wards.

Does Cody Rhodes shave his legs?

yes Cody does shave his legs, and he claims that his legs are smoother than any woman's

Is it bad to shave your legs at 11 years old?

Yes because it can harm your legs and that's when the leg hair grows BRB.

Do you get a closer shave if you shave your legs when you have goosebumps?


What percentage of men shave his legs?

It is not known exactly how many men shave their legs. According to GQ magazine, however, about 40% of men shave their legs on a weekly basis.

What is the best brand to use to shave your legs?

veet is the best brand to shave your legs. it works and makes your legs smooth and silky.

Is it normal for a man or girl to shave his legs with razor or vagaina for women?

It is quite common for a female to shave her legs or vaginal area. Some men may also shave their legs but it is not common.

When do you know you have to shave your legs?

When the hair gets so long that you feel embarrassed. That's when you need to shave your legs.