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There can be a slight humming noise while driving a neon. This sound could come purely from the engine to indicate that it is running.

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Q: Is there supposed to be a humming nosie while driving a neon?
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What is the cause of humming noise while driving?

Bad wheel bearing

What causes a humming noise from back tire while driving?

Could be a bearing going bad.

What would make a humming or grinding sound when im inside the car driving but cant be heard on the outside?

if its while your driving it could be wheel bearings

Why is my 2003 Monte Carlo making a humming noise while driving?

bad wheel bearings will do that, usually in the front.

2004 Honda pilot has loud vibrating noise while driving 40mph or faster with window open?

you have to have more then one window down when you are going down the road or its a horrible nosie.

Why would a car make a humming noise when started n sometimes while driving?

it does that because it has a generator which makes the engine makes these sounds

Does a bad ABS sensor make a loud humming noise while driving down the road?

No. The loud humming noise could be a wheel bearing going bad and it could damage the ABS sensor if allowed to continue.

Why does your 2001 Audi make a humming noise in the rear when driving?

There are a couple of reasons why a 2001 Audi would make humming noises from the back while it is being driven. The first thing to check is the tires. If the tires are fine, check the wheel bearings.

Are the parking lights supposed to stay on while driving in daytime on 2002 Camaro convertible and is this normal?

yes and yes

Why is hitting a haystack a safer bet than a brick wall while driving?

this is supposed to be a library work hahaha

What button do you press to use nitrous in dragracer v3?

It's "N" ur supposed to tap it repeatally while driving.

Hum from rear of your Ford Windstar?

Just throwing it out to have your wheelbearings checked, humming can mean that they are about to break! if it keeps gettig louder and louder, the longer you wait, it could break while you are driving !!

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