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when it falls out thats to far

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Q: Is there such thing as brushing your hair too much?
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Is brushing your hair healthy for you?

No it harms it. Too much brushing can be bad but brushing your hair normally will not harm it. It removes dirt from your hair and it detangles it. It is good for you.

Does back combing damage your hair?

i dont think so, because i know that everytime you brush your hair you are actually treating your hair, but brushing your hair too much may cause hair loss.

What affects your hair?

Using hot appliances and brushing it or combing it too hard (you can lose you hair)

Is brushing your hair healthy for your hair?

Hey there. :) Brushing is a daily routine that we should all do. It gets rid of tangles and smooths out the hair folicles. (Or the hair strand). However, brushing when hair is WET is a no no, as hair when wet is more likely to break as it is fragile. Also brushing TOO much can cause hair to break as well, you want to start off by buying a brush that is suitable for your hair type. And only brushing with at least 20 strokes a day. Types of brushes for hair. 1. If you have thin, straight long hair like myself, you'll want to use a brush with brissels all around it, as this gives volume. 2. I you have curly think hair, a comb is the solution as it just detangles your hair without leaving it frizzy. I really hope this helps it!

What does brushing hair do for the hair n scalp?

Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp as well as circulate blood. Everyone should brush or comb their hair before a shampoo service as it removes dirt & debris too. When you brush & or comb before shampooing you will feel a difference.

Is short hair or long hair better for women?

Men like it long. shoulder length, as it isn't too short to look too weird and it isn't too long to have a hassle brushing it.

Can you get bald while eating with a cap on?

What a person (usually males go bald) has nothing to do with what is worn on the head or other myths like: washing hair too much / too little; brushing hair too much / too little; or eating / not eating certain foods. Eating while wearing a cap is a new one, but still it's just a myth.

How do you avoid split ends in hair?

If you wish to brush your hair while it's still wet, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a regular brush. If your hair's already dry, use a soft-bristled brush. Comb gently, avoiding tugging or pulling on your hair. If you encounter tangles, try to undo them with your fingers and not the comb. Also, avoid combing and brushing hair too much. Excessive brushing can cause more damage than good.

You have curly hair but you straighten it too much now its stayed kind of straight why is that?

Straightening your hair too much can cause permanent damage to the hair, and can give the hair a straight frizzy appearance. The first thing to do to repair this damage is to get a hair cut. Once the hair is cut, start using deep conditioning therapies on the hair to improve the hairs texture.

How do you make your hair look neat?

I have heard that spraying a comb with hairspray and then lightly brushing the outer layer of hair can help tame flyaways. Sorry I can't be more helpful: I have this problem too.

Can too much heaty food like chocolate and fried food cause hair to fall?

no th only thing that makes your hair fall out is cancer and straighting your hair too much !!! G2G IM AT SCHOOL Cancer don't cause hairfall it is the treatment for cancer that cause hairfall. Straightening your hair will cause hair to break to look like you are dropping hair.

How often should you wash your 12 year old daughters hair?

Every other day. 2-3 times a week. The longer you go without washing her hair, the better. You want the natural oils from the scalp to get to the tip of her hair, that's why they say brushing hair a hundred strokes makes it shiner. It gets the oils to the tips. If you wash her hair too much, you wash the oils away and she will eventually end up with dry/frizzy hair. If you don't wash your hair for too long, it becomes greasy.