Is there good bacteria

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Yes we would not survive without the good bacteria. Most of our surfaces are covered with good or neutral bacteria - in case they are eliminated e.g. by antibiotics or too much wash the bad bugs jump on the site to make their evil deeds.

An example is the vagina, with in normally populated with good lactic acid bacteria. Only when they stop dominating, other organisms take over at the woman may acquire bacterial vaginosis or thrush

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Q: Is there good bacteria
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Is bacteria good or bad for you?

Bacteria is good and bad for you.

Is Aquificae a good bacteria or a bad bacteria?

it is a good bactiria.

Is there a good bacteria?

Yes there are. Some good bacteria that help in the aid of digestion. Note, that there are some bad bacteria, but most are actually good.

What are good things about good bacteria?

most bacteria is just something you don't want to deal with. but not all bacteria is bad. your body is full of good bacteria. lets say that you start getting symptoms of a virus. the good bacteria will try and fight off the bad bacteria and sometimes it will win. having good bacteria can keep u living a fun and healthy life. so be sure you dont doubt your good bacteria.

Is bacteria in an animal cell?

bacteria is everywhere. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria but it is everywhere.

Is a euglena a good bacteria?

Euglena are not bacteria.

What is bad bacteria and what is good bacteria?

bad bacteria can get you sick and ruin your immune system....and good bacteria helps protect you from the bad bacteria trying to ruin your immune system!!!

Is bacteria good?

Yes some bacteria can be good. Like the type that are in foods.

What is the good bacteria in water?

Probiotics is the name of bacteria believed to be good for their host.

What kind of bacteria grows on makeup?

Good bacteria grows on makeup.Deminoty grows on makeup.Deminoty is a good bacteria that helps the environment.

Can bacteria be good for you?

Conversely, good bacteria can help you avoid dental diseases. Specifically, the good bacteria inside your mouth will regulate the effects of bad bacteria. This is extremely important because your mouth will never be completely free from bacteria. This means that keeping your mouth full of good bacteria can help you fight off disease.

How does good bacteria in marmite work?

bacteria in marmite