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Try Brushing your teeth with baking soda. Don't swallow it just brush. I thought it worked for me.

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Q: Is there anyway to make your teeth white without going to the dentist?
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Is there anyway to make a device that could be used for chewing without going to a dentist or the dentist is unable to fit false teeth?

NO NO AND NO!!!!!!!!!

Where can you get your teeth sharpened?

Your canine teeth can be sharpened by going to your dentist, where he/she will probably add a contour in place, but if you mean 'sharpened' like a pencil sharpened, then talk to your dentist about that.

Can you sue your dentist for messing up someone's teeth by doing work and inserting Satellite transmitters in their teeth without their knowledge?

Can you sue your dentist for messing up someone's teeth by doing work and inserting Satellite transmitters in their teeth without their knowledge? How can you bring him court?

What you do to get your teeth straight without going to the dentist?

While the best way to get a straighter smile is to get braces from an orthodontist or dentist, there are some products you can use at home to realign your teeth. The SmileCareClub from Sharper Image is a new and massively popular product. You also can try Invisalign or similar products.

What is a dentist called who pulls teethWikiAnswers?

Every dentist can pull teeth, without any other title than 'dentist'. But if you mean the dental specialist who pulls teeth as part of the procedure of regulating and straightening your teeth, that guy is called an orthodontist.

Can teeth get straight without braces?

yes you can Get a Retainer... And just ask your dentist!

Should you brush your teeth with toothpaste prior to going to the dentist?

Most people would.

How do you make teeth white without a dentist?

You should always brush your teeth for 2 Min's then use Mouth wash

What do a teeth think about a dentist?

Well, teeth love the dentist. Only because the get to be cleaned and 'tickled'. If the dentist has to pull out a tooth, Don't think of it as your never going to see that tooth again, think of it as the tooth will be with the tooth fairy that night, the tooth will be in "tooth heaven".

What should you do if your dentist is taking of your braces without finishing the treatment and ruined your teeth and gums?

If you do not agree with what your dentist intends to do, you are free to go to a different dentist. Perhaps you need a second opinion.

Why did the poet go to the dentist how she have avoided it?

The poet went to the dentist to get treatment for her tooth decay. Her teeth had cavities, caps and decay. If she would have had taken proper care of her teeth since her childhood by not eating too many sweets and brushing her teeth properly, then she could have avoided going to the dentist so early in life.

What can you do if the dentist breaks your teeth?

you punch the dentist straight in his teeth and break his(: yeah you do. aaha.