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Yes. Quinoa, amarath, millet, and rice do not contain gluten, just to name four.

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Q: Is there any grain that does not have gluten?
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Does Velveeta contain gluten?

No, Velveeta does not contain any grain products.

Is corn contaminated with gluten?

No because corn is a grain and gluten (wheat) is a grain too. But is you contaminate gluten with wheat then yes.

Does coconut oil contain gluten?

No, gluten is only found in grain products.

Is hops gluten free?

Yeah. Gluten is a protein found in grain hence gluten in most beer. Hops is a flower so no gluten.

Is beef lamb chicken and fish gluten free?

Yes; gluten is grain protein.

Does millet have gluten?

The grain millet is gluten-free and therefore wheat-free.

Are coeliacs able to eat wheat dextrose?

Sorry, no. It contains gluten (Wheat is a gluten-grain).

Is Basil gluten free?

As Basil is a herb i would say there is no gluten in it at all. Gluten is from grain such as wheat and rye so Basil is totally gluten free.

Do cranberries contain gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and related grain species (like barley and rye). Cranberries are not a grain at all, and do not contain gluten. This assumes you're dealing with raw-off-the-vine (or bush, or whatever cranberries grow on) berries. If they've been processed in any way, check the ingredients list to see if wheat (or some other cereal grain) is listed. If so, then it's entirely possible that the cranberry sauce (or whatever) does contain gluten, even though the berries used to make it did not.

Can you eat sardines on a gluten free diet?

yes; gluten is only found (as I understand it) in wheat and grain type products.

Is hamburger gluten free?

Not if eaten with grain products ie bun

Is there a rum that is gluten free?

Yes, All grain distilled alcohol is gluten free.