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There isn't any difference except your body doesn't have to dissolve the capsules of bee pollen. These are both used to rebuild the adrenal and increase energy.

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Q: Is there any difference between capsules or granule bee pollen?
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What is difference between ungerminated pollen grain and germinated pollen grain?

The germinated pollen grain is empty of the male gamete nucleus.

Are bee pollen capsules effective for losing weight?

They would probably have no effect at all.

What is the difference between spores and pollen?

Non-vascular plants such as mosses and ferns have Spores. Pollen - Flowering, vascular plants (angiosperms)

What is the recommended dosage of Bee Pollen?

The recommended preventative dosage for capsules is two 450-580 mg capsules, three to four times a day, and three times that dosage for therapeutic purposes.

What is the difference between bee pollen and bee propolis?

The difference is that propolis is not actually produced directly from the bees, but it is a substance that the bees collect from the buds of trees.

What is the difference between pollen and pollen grain?

Microscopic differences in shape and size.

What is the difference between pollination and fretilization?

Pollination is a proces of dispersing pollen grains to stigma and the fertilization is the followed proces of pollination.

What is difference between seed cones and pollen cones?

Pollen cones are the male pollen-producing cones, and seed cones are the female seed-producing cones in conifer trees.Seed cones are gymnosperms, which means the seeds are not enclosed within an ovary (in Greek, gymno is naked).

What is the difference between fertilisation and germination?

fertilisationis when the pollen grain joins the ovum germinationis when a seed starts to grow in to a new plant

What serves as a bridge between the pollen grain and the egg?

the pollen tube

What is the difference between stamen and carpel?

The stamen produces pollen which is the actual "male" of the plant. The carpel contains an ovule or ovules which is the actual "female".

Where is Mazda 3 pollen filter?

The Pollen filter is between the fan and the engine.