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Q: Is there a way to get rid of clayhmedia without medicine?
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I would like to take a challange to get rid of hypertension and medicine too.Suggest way .?

To get rid of hypertension without medicines is little bit difficult, though not impossible. To get ride of medicines is easier if you treat food as your medicine. That means you know what to eat and what not to eat, which food is health and which one unhealthy.

How do you get rid of the bump on the bridge of your nose without cosmetic surjery?

There is no way to get rid of the bump on a person's nose without undergoing cosmetic surgery. That bump is actually an upturned portion of a person's nasal bone, and there is no way to fix that without surgery.

How do you get rid of a sharp sore throat?

by leaking sweet but the best way is to take some sore throat medicine like strepsils

Is there a way to get rid of Pokemon from a ds without using the ds on your Pokemon Ranch?


How can you get rid of bad eggs without trading on pearl?

use the AR is the only way i know of

What is the easiest way to get rid of nail polish without nail polish remover?

warm water and soap

How do you handle arachnophobia?

There are different types of medicine out there for panic attacks but i suppose the only way to get rid of it is through therapy! google it and i will guarantee that you will find a website to help you!

What medicine gets rid of bad fart smell?

Antacids help make you stop farting. You should change your diet that way they won't smell as bad.

Is there a way to get rid of grey hair on a mans face neck and chin without using dye?

Shave daily

Is there a way to get rid of binge eating disorder without therapy?

Talk to someone that can help you,like ur friends and parents...

How can you get rid of tapeworms?

The best way would be to go to your doctor and have him prescribe medicine to safely kill the tapeworms. They will then pass through your body like any other waste products.

What is a natural way to reduce trglyceride level without medicine?

Eat more fish and/or take fish oil capsules.