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Drink lots of water and run around nude screaming superfreak on the top of your lungs works for me.

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Q: Is there a way to cure a hang over?
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Is coconut water good for hang over?

It is good for you but it will not cure a hangover (any more than any other "hangover cure" will).

Is there a cure for Sparkalaphobia?

The only way to cure your fear is to face it. I used to have it but then i got over it.

How do you avoid vomiting after taking liquor?

By not drinking as much. EVERY hang-over cure and preventive measure are either myths or lies.

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Get nail clippers and clip it off.

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Fornicate in their mouth.

What is a hang over?

a hang over is when you get massive headaches and you dont want to move.

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What is the best over the counter drug to cure for heartworms?

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What is the word to the feeling after being so drunk?

After being drunk, you have a hang over. A person who has a hang over is said to be hung over.

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